Term Life Insurance as an investment?

Most insurance investors not think term life insurance policies as a great way to save and make money. While it is true that you will not be able to draw money out of your term life insurance, this is not to say that it is not an investment. It is an investment in the future of your heirs.

Depending on your age, general health status and lifestyle, your life expectancy may be a few years or many decades. Invest your money in a term life insurance, which meet and exceed your life expectancy by a few years. If you believe, you need an insurance policy with a cash value, a universal life and whole life.

Short term, the calculation
How much will your heirs need? For how long? Feststellend how much term life insurance is needed to appear as a difficult task, but it is really quite simple.

Add loan balances for cars, houses and credit lines. These include revolving stage lines, such as credit cards and financial aid loans for college and university education.

In the balance of the loan funds for the funeral expenses, final medical bills, estate taxes and fees and any charitable gifts you make on your death. This is the short-term need your family and property from your term life insurance. It is best not to a policy that does not meet these minimum requirements.

Calculate long-term need
Long-term financial needs, a little more flexibility. The easiest way to the long-term financial needs for your family, this amount in your term life insurance. You can an investment plan, your will so that your real estate delegate can grow your policy means after their death.

When calculating your term life insurance needs for providing for your family in the long-term, these factors:

If your spouse or partner to be able to work when you are away? How much additional revenue will be required to secure the same standard of living for him or her?

If your spouse or partner works after death, child care costs? How much and how long?

Is your spouse or partner in advanced age or have different medical needs, the additional funds? Do you have children with expensive medical needs? How much money is needed and for how long?

Do you have children who are probably at the top university in the future? Would you sign up for their higher education as a whole or in parts?

Add all of your long-term needs and regulations, then calculate your available resources.

How much income will your spouse or partner supply annually?

What is the social security benefit, if any, will you leave?

Are there any retirement benefits or pension plans leave?

Are there other investments you leave?

Subtract the long-term needs of your resources and your investments.

Term Life or investment - or both?
Now that you know how much money your heirs will need and for how long, the next choice to make is whether to leave it to them to live in your office, the one investment that grow or enough funding for investment and instructions to your family. For these decisions, which can best through consulting with a financial planner.


Keri Foley said...

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We can't deny the fact that not all people are aware that there are types of Insurance and that is one of the reason for me on why some people not investing in term life insurance.

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