The debate over term vs. permanent life insurance

Here's a quick look at all of the options: term, whole, variable and universal.

Few people who have bought insurance -- or even window-shopped for it -- have escaped the debate over term versus permanent insurance.

And the wrong kind of life insurance can be more harm to your financial plans, as other financial products today. So, the first and most important decision to purchase, you must be the life insurance concept, permanent or a combination of both? Let us all.

Deadline for insurance policies that provide death benefits that you, if you win (so to speak). If the length of the history, politics, you (or more specifically, your family members) are not given any money.

Permanent life insurance policies offer advantages and death "savings account" (also called "cash-value"), so you can, if you live, what you, at least some , and often much more than the amount that you have spent on your premium. You receive this money, either by redemption in the political arena or by borrowing against it.


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